BE-13 Renovation: Lining with Cured-In-Place Pipes - Processes - v01

UV Light Curing


  • Sealing of the lining tube ends in the manholes by means of special packers (with sealing cap), which allow the implementation of the UV light chain within the lining tube and the pulling rope and the supply cable for the UV light chain to be passed through. To enable the packer installation, the liner head must be located in the manhole.

  • Lower the UV light chain into the starting manhole and insert it into the lining tube. There the lamp cable is attached with the pull cable. Sealing the packer with sealing caps.

  • Inflation of the lining tube by pressurized air.

  • Pull the UV light chain, which is not switched on, through the inflated lining tube to check the not yet cured lining tube by means of an infrared camera.

  • Start the curing process by pulling back the switched on UV light chain.

  • Permanent spot function control, verification of the radiation intensity of each spot. Documentation of the UV light chain speed and the temperature in the lining tube on the inside of the surface.

  • Inner membranes that do not remain permanently in the liner must be removed immediately after installation without leaving any residue.


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