BE-13 Renovation: Lining with Cured-In-Place Pipes - Processes - v01

Static Proof

Host Pipe Condition I – Standardised Statics

Host pipe condition I: The host pipe is able to bear the load alone. In this case, the CIPP liner only has to ensure the tightness of the rehabilitated pipeline. Since the host pipe alone is able to bear all externals loads, the CIPP liner is only stressed by the groundwater that seeps through the defect host pipe and increases external pressure corresponding to the groundwater level.

The standardised statics (see DWA-A 144-3 Appendix C) apply only to the indicated cross-sectional shapes, respectively, diameters and groundwater levels, and only if the host pipe is still sufficiently statically stable (host pipe conditions I and II).

1. Host pipe
2. CIPP liner
r Average radius of the host pipe [mm]
rL Average radius of the CIPP liner [mm]
s Wall thickness of the host pipe
sL Wall thickness of the CIPP liner [mm] (corresponds to ec according to ISO 11296-4)
h Cover above the pipe crown [m]
hW,So Height of the water level above the invert of the CIPP liner [m].


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