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3-Point Flexural Test

Width of Test Specimen

The width of circumferential direction specimen shall generally be (50 ± 1) mm, if cut from cylindrical pipe, or conform to table (see right), if cut from flat samples.

For composites using coarse reinforcements or if the principal orientation of the reinforcement is not in the circumferential direction, a greater value of test specimen width may be declared in either or both cases.

These declared values of test specimen width, with tolerance ±1 mm, shall then become the requirement for all circumferential direction flexural testing of the product concerned on curved and flat specimen respectively.

The width of longitudinal test specimen shall be in accordance with the table [ENISO 11296-4:2018].


Values for longitudinal test specimen width, b, in relation to mean wall thickness, ec,m [ENISO 11296-4:2018]

Mean composite thickness
ec,m [mm]
b [mm]
ec,m ≤ 10
15,0 ± 1
10 < ec,m ≤ 20
30,0 ± 1
20 < ec,m ≤ 35
50,0 ± 1
ec,m > 35
80,0 ± 1



Video 3-point flexural test. [Source: STEIN Ingenieure GmbH]

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