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Lateral Connection Collars (Top Hat)

Lateral Connection Collars (Top Hat)

Repair by means of cured-in-place lateral connection collars (also referred to as top hat profiles) is defined in DIN EN 15885 [EN15885:2011] as “repair of a connection between lateral and main pipe by installing a cured in place collar”.

They are mainly used to create a tight between liner and lateral connection. Their field of application extends to non-accessible sewers DN 100 to DN 800 with lateral connections DN 100 to DN 250.

Top hats are made of a composite consisting of a reinforced or nonreinforced fabric carrier material (glass fibres (E-CR glass), polymeric fibres (polyester needle felt) impregnated with thermosetting resin (UP, EP or silicate, VE), which may include optional internal and/or external membranes.

Function of top hats:

  • Closure of the annular gap
  • Repair of the lateral connection depending on the extension into lateral pipe (see next page)
  • Possibility of connecting a lateral CIPP liner.


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