BE-13 Renovation: Lining with Cured-In-Place Pipes - Final Work, Accep...

Final Work, Acceptance, Renovation Defects

Site Sampling and Test Sample / Specimen

Sampling in manholes by use of a confining pipe or sleeve is generally suitable when lining circular pipes of diameter up to 600 mm only. If the specimen does not meet the requirements, a second sample is preferably be taken from the actual pipe wall, which is then decisive.

Minimum size of the sample

CIPP liners up to DN 200

A complete circular ring should be taken for the vertical – compression test if on-site circumstances permit this. Necessary sample length: Pipe diameter + 50 mm


Pipe DN 150: Sample length = 200 mm

Pipe DN 200: Sample length = 250 mm

Minimum size of the sample

CIPP liners larger than DN 200

The necessary dimensions of such liner samples are:

  • Total wall thickness up to 10 mm: Sample must measure not less than 200 mm x 350 mm

  • Total wall thickness greater than 10 mm:
    → Circumferential direction: 20 x total thickness
    → Longitudinal direction: 350 mm

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