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Final Work, Acceptance, Renovation Defects

Improper Installation of the Lining Tube

If damage occurs in the CIPP liner after curing, this is described in accordance with EN 13508-2 [EN13508-2:2011]. The main code "Lining observations (BAK)" differs from all other main codes in that in this particular case there is no longer a question of damage but of an OBSERVATION, although de facto many of the determinations undoubtedly represent damage with corresponding consequences. According to EN 13508-2 [EN13508-2:2011], the damage is characterised according to the type of observation.

Lining observations (BAK):

  • The lining of the pipeline has become detached (A)
  • Discolouration of the lining (B)
  • Defective end of lining (C)
  • Wrinkled lining (folding) (D)
  • Blistered or internal bulge of lining (E)
  • External bulge (F)
  • Separation of the internal film/coating (G)
  • Separation of seam covering (H)
  • Crack or split (including weld failure) (I)
  • Hole in lining (J)
  • Lining connection defect (K)
  • Lining material seems to be soft (L)
  • Resin missing from laminate (M)
  • End of lining not sealed to host pipe or manhole (N)
  • Other lining methods.


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