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Manhole Reconnection

Liner End Sleeves

Liner end sleeves are stainless ring-shaped, mechanically expandable sleeves for the force-locking and form-locking fixation of an external, integrated seal in the form of an elastomer compression seal or an adhesive bond to the inner wall of the pipe/structure (Fig.).

Liner end sleeves on a compression basis with an elastomer seal are used exclusively in pipes with circular cross section. The sealing function is performed by an elastomer seal fixed by an expandable stainless steel sleeve and permanently pressed against the inner wall of the host pipe in the damaged area. This elastomer seal consists of a flat elastomer with sealing lips vulcanised on both ends (compression seal) made of ethylene-propylene-diene rubber (EPDM) or styrene-butadiene rubber (SPR) according to DIN EN 681-1 [EN681-1:1996].


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