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Lateral Reconnection


The injection of damaged lateral connections is carried out by means of remotely controlled injection systems consisting of an injection packer or a shield injection packer, each with an integrated side packer. The injection material is supplied either via pre-fitted cartridges or pumped via hoses from an operating vehicle.

Which of the two variants is used depends on the type of injection agent used. In practice, the following methods are mainly used:

  • Lateral connection injection on the basis of silicate resin
  • Lateral connection injection based on polyurethane resin
  • Lateral connection injection based on cement mortar

With these methods, unprofessionally installed lateral connection (projecting and/or damaged connection according to DIN EN 13508, part 2 [EN13508-2:2011]) can be repaired regardless of the ground water, angle of entry and the type of damage (previous connection, incompletely integrated, damaged).


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