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Lateral Reconnection

Injection on the Basis of Silicate Resin

A representative for lateral injection with a 2-component silicate resin is the Janssen Process Lateral Repair technology. It consists of a remotely controlled injection packer plus an integrated inflatable side packer.

The applied 2-component silicate resin potentially fills the voids around the lateral connection and thus rebuilds the bedding permanently.

Cracks extending from the lateral connection into the main pipe or the lateral itself, shards or missing wall pieces are repaired in one step, even under ground water conditions. In the case of lined sewer pipes the resin seals the annulus between the host pipe and the liner as well as the lateral connection.


  1. Prior to the repair, a cutting robot mills and cleans the area around the lateral connection.

  2. The remotely controlled packer is positioned and inflated at the lateral connection and extends a 2 ft. long side packer into the lateral to seal the injection area.

  3. The 2-component silicate resin is pumped via 2 hoses from an operating vehicle to the injection packer and mixed there via an integrated static mixer.

  4. In total 4 cameras oversee the complete operation. After a curing time of the resin of approx. 20 min at ambient temperature, the injection system is vented and moved. The amount of material injected is determined by differential measurement at the tanks in the operation vehicle.

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