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Lateral Reconnection

Injection with Cement Mortar

A representative for lateral injection with fibre reinforced cement mortar is the lateral inflow repair system EL300/600, which injects dry mortar into the damaged lateral connection. The mortar is mixed in an operating vehicle (Fig.) and pumped from there to the injection packer via a hose. To seal the injection area, the injection packer consists of a telescopic injection shield with injection nozzle plus an inflatable side packer (Fig). This process allows to adapt the amount of mortar to the respective level of damage. Approximately 15 to 25 kg of mortar is used.

The injection system is positioned on the lateral connection to be repaired under CCTV camera observation by means of a self-propelled unit or cable winch in such a way that the side packer can be inserted into the lateral connection, pneumatically inflated and pressed against the inner wall of the pipe.

After pressing the formwork against the pipe wall of the liner / main sewer, the injection can be carried out. After the mortar agent has achieved a minimum strength, the packer system is removed.


Lateral reconnection – Injection with cement mortar using the Hächler injection system. [Source: visaplan GmbH]

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