AE-02 Open cut method module: Installation of Pipes

Installation of Pipes

Installation of the Pipes – Compliance with the Gradient

Compliance with the gradient is particularly important in the case of gravity pipelines and sewers. The pipes must therefore be installed precisely according to direction and elevation within the limits specified by the planning. To ensure this, a pipe laser with target plate is used.

Pipe laser functions are:

  • Determination, transmission and control of horizontal or inclined pipelines
  • Determining, transferring and checking horizontal and inclined elevations, e.g. leveling drainages and sewers, aligning pipelines, etc.


Caution: Correction of the vertical or lateral position must not be carried out by local tamping or compacting. Any necessary correction of the vertical position must be carried out in accordance with EN 1610 by filling or removing the bedding, always ensuring that the pipes are ultimately supported over their entire length. Position corrections with the excavator bucket are not permitted.

Video: Leica Pipe Laser [YouTube]

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