AE-02 Open cut method module: Installation of Pipes

Embedment and Installation of Piping: Removal of Shoring

Removal of the Shoring

Shoring may only be removed if it has become dispensable due to backfilling of the trench or other construction measures.

Horizontal timber shoring:

1 to 2 planks are to be removed depending on the soil; the filling material / soil is to be brought in and compacted against the native soil.

Trench shoring equipment:

The respective manufacturer's instructions for use are to be observed for the removal. The following steps, for example, are to be carried out:

  • Loosen spindles
  • Fill in fill material / soil (layer thickness depending on compaction equipment)
  • Pull shoring unit by the filled height
  • Compact the filling material / soil against the native soil.

The trench shoring unit must not be completely removed until the trench has been backfilled to a depth of 4.1 ft (1.25 m).


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