Xylem Announces Partnership with Visenti at Singapore International Water Week

Jul 12, 2012

Xylem Inc. and Visenti Pte LTD announced a new partnership at Singapore International Water Week. Xylem and Visenti will form a joint partnership to develop the smart optimization of water networks by utilizing energy-efficient technology and smart sensing platforms. These technologies will reduce energy consumption, maximize water quality and ensure optimal network conditions around Singapore’s water infrastructure.

The partnership will combine Xylem’s unique offering of industry-leading water transport and water-sensing products with Visenti’s WaterWiSe end-to-end real time monitoring solution. The result will be real-time data and analysis from the water distribution network that can be used to improve energy efficiency significantly, detect system inefficiencies and drive more informed decision making by the network operator.
“Xylem and Visenti are committed to developing innovative solutions that will allow the operators to improve the health and efficiency of their distribution network, and I’m pleased to be announcing our partnership at Singapore International Water Week,” said Gretchen McClain, president and CEO of Xylem. “Together we will implement cutting-edge system solutions to reduce energy consumption and water loss, and improve the quality of the water throughout the distribution network.”
An exciting aspect to the project will be the collaboration between Visenti and Xylem, a global leader in water-sensing technology, to develop improved in-network sensing platforms to monitor parameters such as flow, pressure and water quality together with Xylem’s energy-efficient equipment for water distribution.
“Our partnership with Xylem will allow us to develop a secure, smart and energy-efficient system for end-users in Singapore,” said Ami Preis, co-founder of Visenti. “We’re proud to be involved in a partnership that can truly demonstrate a profound effect on Singapore’s resource efficiency and position Singapore as a model country addressing water issues head-on.”

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