WWAP at the next World Water Week

May 31, 2013

WWAP will participate at the next World Water Week, which takes place in Stockholm, Sweden, as annual focal point for the globe’s water issues.

In this framework, WWAP co-organizes in collaboration with UN-Water, UNU and UNIDO, the “UN-Water seminar on the Water-Energy Nexus”, as part of the preparatory process of the 2014 World Water Day, which will focus on water and energy. The objective of this event is to initiate a dialogue that focuses on the broad range of issues at the nexus of water and energy, to discuss the preliminary findings and key messages of the 5th edition of the UN World Water Development Report and to identify stakeholders who could be actively involved in further developing the water-energy linkages in the context of the WWD 2014.

WWAP in co-operation with SIWI will organize also the seminar “Water and Energy: Beyond the Nexus”, that will reach beyond the ‘water for energy’/‘energy for water’ metrics and the description of inter-linkages between these domains, focusing on the broader water-related implications of the changing global energy mix and other energy production trends. Discussions will center on strengthening collaboration between the water and energy communities in the developing appropriate response measures, managing tradeoffs, and maximizing co-benefits. In fact, there is a need to look beyond the inter-linkages of the water-energy nexus and begin developing and promoting coordinated approaches to identifying and managing tradeoffs to achieve greater economic and social benefits.

WWAP, in close collaboration with UNW-DPC (Bonn, Germany) will provide support to UNW-DPAC (Zaragoza, Spain) in organizing the UN-Water Stakeholder Dialogue on “the Post 2015 Development Agenda – The World We Want”.

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