WPL looks to Europe for growth in domestic packaged treatment plant

Jun 09, 2017

European investment supports WPL Diamond installer network / Demand for UK wastewater expertise expected to continue post-Brexit / Bi-lingual website targets French market

Wastewater specialist WPL is targeting the European market with investment in its Diamond compact packaged treatment plant range. The company, which is based in Hampshire, says the investment in digital marketing will support its growing network of customers and installers in France.

The suitability of the WPL Diamond for use in domestic applications means it is necessary to give ordinary householders, who may not have specialist knowledge of wastewater treatment, a clear understanding of the product’s capability and installation requirements. With this in mind WPL has launched a bi-lingual website for the WPL Diamond.

Market strength

WPL managing director, Gareth Jones, is confident its European investment will pay off, despite market fears over the implications of Brexit.

He said, “France is our closest trading partner and this investment builds on a successful 10 years for the WPL Diamond range in France. We are committed to growth within the French market and the technical expertise of a company like WPL is valued by our European clients.

“It is a market where a high amount of technical input is required, a need which is unlikely to diminish post-Brexit.”

Web campaign

WPL’s new website is easy to navigate and focused at customers who are seeking basic information about the products. The website, which can be accessed in French and English supports WPL’s new campaign – Simple, Reliable & Discreet – aims to raise awareness among customers of the key benefits of the WPL Diamond package wastewater treatment plant over traditional septic tanks.

Unlike legacy equipment, modern packaged treatment plants are designed with an aerated process to accommodate the increased volumes of water used in contemporary households. The WPL Diamond has the added advantage of high quality process in a compact, single tank which is easy to install and maintain.

Jones said, “WPL has been at the forefront of wastewater treatment for 26 years and our priority has always been consistency in the quality of our products. The WPL Diamond range provides value for customers over the long-term and delivers on environmental responsibility too.

“The new website and campaign supports our network of independent experts who match our values for delivering high quality, reliable products. We believe that by investing in our brand, we are also investing in our network; ensuring that they are given the right tools to maintain and grow their businesses.”

Minimal maintenance

The robust system has minimal maintenance requirements, is sited entirely below ground and has the flushest lid on the market - reducing visual impact on the landscape. The campaign informs customers that they will not even know that the WPL Diamond is on their property.

Ken Green, managing director of KLG Services Ltd, which has been installing and servicing sewage treatment plants in the UK for over 25 years, said, “As an installer and service provider, I know that the WPL Diamond that I am servicing after 25 years since its installation will be the same high quality as the day that it went into the ground. If I had the choice, I would always choose to install a WPL Diamond which is why I recommend it to my customers.

“In my view, if you invest in your home, why wouldn’t you invest in your wastewater treatment plant? Especially considering it can help with increasing your property re-sale value.”

Technical compliance

WPL began testing on the WPL Diamond in 2006 in order to fully comply with European and French standards. The package plants conform to European standard NF EN12566-3 2014 (CE marked) and agréments ministériels – 5 to 20 EH: n°2015-011-ext1à3.

Andrew Baird, technical director of WPL and convener of British Water’s Package Treatment Plant focus group said, “The WPL Diamond is fully compliant with French legislation and has been independently tested multiple times at an accredited testing facility in Aachen, Germany.”

Discover WPL’s new website here.


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