With New Bolt-on Carriage, ROVVER X™ Crawler Inspects Widest Range of Pipe Sizes

Feb 28, 2012

ROVVER X can now inspect more pipe sizes than any other crawler on the market, thanks to a bolt-on carriage that raises the crawler, expands its wheelbase, and gives it unmatched ground clearance. The carriage attaches in seconds, and accepts all ROVVER wheels, as well as two new pneumatic wheel options.

When used in tandem with the system’s remote camera lift accessory, the carriage gives ROVVER X an overall inspection capability of 6-72”, plus the ability for centered viewing in most common pipe sizes 24" and larger. It elevates the crawler at least 4.4”, or considerably more when upgrading to pneumatic wheels. It lengthens the crawler’s wheel base 75%, widens it 150%, and grants up to 7¾” of ground clearance. ROVVER X’s ultra-powerful motors and efficient gear drive train make such an accessory possible—even with the carriage installed, ROVVER X can still pivot in place and easily pull the full length of its 1000’ cable.
The carriage is available with two large pneumatic wheel sets, each of which can only be accommodated by the carriage’s longer wheel base: One style measures 10.4” diameter by 3.8” wide and has knobby tread suited for deep silt and debris. The other style measures 8.4” diameter by 2.2” wide and has slightly less aggressive tread.
“When we set out to design ROVVER X, we wanted a single crawler that could transform to meet any inspection challenge,” says Richard Lindner, President of Envirosight. “This new carriage fulfills that ambition, allowing a ROVVER X user to inspect the full range of pipe sizes found in municipal infrastructure.”
ROVVER X is the one pipe inspection system that lets an operator do everything—control inspections, view and record digital video, log observations, generate reports, and link directly to asset-management software. All this capability is packed into a simple three-piece layout, with no CCU or other components to clutter the workspace.
Though remarkably self-contained, ROVVER X is built on an expandable digital backbone. Not only can an operator add side-scanning and laser profiling, he or she can view data from onboard sensors, automate tasks with macros, and measure defects onscreen. And future capabilities are limitless—ROVVER X’s firmware updates automatically to the latest features, and its architecture is ready for any accessory—even ones that don’t yet exist.
Advanced technology aside, ROVVER X is built for the rigors of sewer inspection. Twelve wheel options—plus camera lift, carriage and illumination accessories—mean ROVVER X transforms in seconds to inspect lines six to 60 inches. Its six-wheel drive with proportional steering navigates past obstacles, and overlapping wheels climb offsets better than tracks. Powerful motors and a geared drive train maximize range and pivot capability, even with carriage and 10” knobby tires installed.
Ultimately, however, reliability and productivity have made ROVVER the number one crawler brand worldwide. ROVVER X continues this tradition with unsurpassed video resolution and 50% more illumination, leaving no detail hidden. Its powerful reel monitors cable tension optically to prevent slack and minimize resistance, allowing one-man operation. And self-diagnostic capabilities, plus access to operating history, only enhance the uptime of the one crawler that already leads the industry.

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