WinCan Releases White Paper Explaining Value of Observation Catalogs

Jul 26, 2018

Free resource reviews the impact and benefits of standardization in wastewater infrastructure inspection.

WinCan, an industry leader in sewer asset management and data analysis software, has released a white paper discussing the impact and benefits of standardization through sewer observation catalogs.

This resource, “How Observation Catalogs Transformed Sewer Inspection", is available for download free of cost. It provides municipalities and contractors with a deeper understanding of how and why programs like PACP and MSCC improve system operations.

Before the introduction of these catalogs, inspection professionals had no shared language to discuss pipeline condition and defects, and reports were vulnerable to misinterpretation.

With the creation of regional codes and ratings, cities and utilities have a consistent way to discuss collection systems, and this ability to communicate reliably makes sewer asset management programs more efficient and affordable. Today’s data can be analyzed, compared and applied to improve operations across the board.

“The wastewater industry has changed dramatically over the past few decades,” says Mike Russin, General Manager for WinCan in North and South America. “Yet many players don’t fully understand the role defect catalogs have played in this shift towards increased efficiency and actionable data. This white paper will help our customers and their peers in the industry fully grasp the impact of standardization and how it can continue to provide consistency and reliability for municipalities and utilities.”

About WinCan

WinCan was the original pipe inspection and asset management software when it entered the market 25 years ago. Today, it’s the most trusted pipeline software brand worldwide, thanks to continuous innovation and exceptional support. WinCan transforms raw inspection data into the intelligence municipalities and contractors need to make critical maintenance decisions. The software’s measurement tools help to quantify defects, and sophisticated search capabilities filter observations by any combination of criteria. Its report generator automatically summarizes inspection findings using a standard or user-defined template.

In the Americas, WinCan is uniquely positioned to deliver support, training, customization and integration with all common municipal databases and mapping software programs. WinCan works directly with end users, and also with inspection equipment manufacturers, helping them deliver integrated hardware/software solutions that allow their customers to document, analyze and report pipeline condition.


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