WinCan Releases Guide for PACP 7 Structural Defect Codes

Jan 16, 2019

WinCan, a market leader in sewer asset management software and inspection data storage, released a reference guide for PACP 7 structural defect codes. This poster groups structural sewer defects by category, illustrates how they look within pipelines, and lists the coordinating PACP defect codes. It also provides guidance on commonly confused defects and rare observations along with easyto- understand explanations.

The Pipeline Assessment Certification Program (PACP) was developed by the National Association of Sewer Service Companies (NASSCO) in conjunction with the Water Research Centre (WRC). This program provides a standard framework for engineers and sewer operators to use when inspecting and documenting defects and observations.

PACP ensures consistent, reliable data from multiple operators over time. This poster will aid new operators when learning PACP and will serve as a reference tool for experienced operators.

“PACP is invaluable to the industry,” says Mike Russin, general manager for WinCan in the Americas. “But, there are dozens of defects and some have only the smallest difference from others.

It’s easy to confuse the codes or forget the less common ones. When that happens, it can lead supervisors and engineers to plan rehab efforts that don’t address the problem.

This poster makes it easier to choose the right defect code every time.”

Request a copy of this poster free of charge. This poster is offered as part of WinCan’s dedication to creating resources for the water and wastewater industry.
About WinCan

WinCan was the original pipe inspection and asset management software when it entered the market 25 years ago. Today, it’s the most trusted pipeline software brand worldwide, thanks to continuous innovation and exceptional support. WinCan transforms raw inspection data into the intelligence municipalities and contractors need to make critical maintenance decisions. The software’s measurement tools help to quantify defects, and sophisticated search capabilities filter observations by any combination of criteria. Its report generator automatically summarizes inspection findings using a standard or user-defined template.


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