Wegener Welding LLC emerges as new entity

May 08, 2006

The companies WIDOS W. Dommer Söhne GmbH, Ditzingen, Germany and PDH LLC, Nashville, Tennessee recently have assumed the assets of Wegener North America Inc., known to the industry as a comprehensive supplier of thermoplastic welding equipment.

Both business shares have been incorporated under the newly formed Wegener Welding LLC. Wegener North America Inc. originally was established in 1981 as the factory representative for Wegener GmbH, Aachen, Germany.

Wegener Welding LLC will continue operation out of its Burr Ridge Ill facility using the existing staff and thus further representing Wegener GmbH, Aachen, Germany. Wegener Aachen is a leading manufacturer of hot gas, hot gas extrusion as well as sheet butt welding, sheet bending and related machinery and also represents some product lines from WIDOS.

WIDOS itself, celebrating its 60 anniversary this year, has been well known in Europe and around the world for its very innovative technology in the field of plastic pipe butt and socket fusion machinery and other specialty plastic jointing technologies. 

The product lines of both companies complement each other and allow Wegener Welding LLC to service the industry with an even broader range of standard products. Current and potential customers will benefit from the engineering and manufacturing capabilities of two worldwide recognized experts in their field. 

For further information please contact:
WIDOS W. Dommer Söhne GmbH
D-71254 Ditzingen-Heimerdingen
Phone +49 (0)7152 9939-0
Email: info@widos.de
Internet: www.widos.de

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