Watts Partners with Planet Water Foundation to Bolster Clean Drinking Water Supply for Communities in Need in Puerto Rico

May 01, 2018

On World Water Day (March 22), Watts Sent Five Employees to Build Two “AquaTowers” at Elementary Schools in San Juan. The Company also Launched a Fundraising Campaign to Raise Money for Planet Water Foundation.

For the second time in four months, Watts Water Technologies, Inc. – a leading global manufacturer of plumbing, heating, and water quality products and solutions – did fund and help install two water filtration systems that provide clean drinking water for children and families in need in Puerto Rico.

Through its partnership with Planet Water Foundation, a U.S.-based non-profit organization that works to bring clean water to the world’s most impoverished communities, Watts sent five employees to build “AquaTowers” at the Escuela Emilio Del Toro and Escuela Juanita Garcia Peraza elementary schools in San Juan on World Water Day (March 22).

The towers remove harmful particles, bacteria and viruses, providing 1,000 people with 10,000 liters of clean water per unit daily.

In addition to funding the tower projects, Watts launched a fundraising campaign to raise money for Planet Water Foundation.

“Our products and services help provide access to clean water for people around the world,” said Robert J. Pagano, Jr., CEO and President of Watts. “As a global leader in water technologies, we want to ensure that our charitable efforts are in lockstep with our mission. Puerto Rico still needs help, and we applaud Planet Water’s leadership in providing drinking water on the island where it is needed most.”

Watts first joined forces with Planet Water in 2016. Since that time, the organizations have brought clean water to 9,000 people in China, Colombia, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Puerto Rico (see photos). Following the Puerto Rico projects, Watts will fund two additional AquaTowers later this year with Planet Water Foundation.

To learn more about Watts Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) programs, please read the company’s Sustainability Report.
About Watts Water Technologies

Watts Water Technologies, Inc., through its family of companies, is a global manufacturer headquartered in the USA that provides one of the broadest plumbing, heating, and water quality product lines in the world. Watts Water companies and brands offer innovative plumbing, heating, and water quality solutions for commercial, residential, and industrial applications. The company employs 4,800 people across 24 countries.

About Planet Water Foundation

Planet Water Foundation is a non-profit organization focused on bringing clean water to the world’s most impoverished communities through the installation of community-based water filtration systems (AquaTowers) and the deployment of hygiene education programs. Planet Water Foundation projects are focused on children, schools, and rural/peri-urban communities across Asia and Latin America. Since 2009, Planet Water has deployed nearly 1,000 projects that provide clean water access to nearly one million people across 13 countries through strategic partnerships. For more information, visit us at www.planet-water.org.


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