Water Solutions Middle East to bring global expertise to the region, home to some of the world's largest water projects

Oct 06, 2009

With the world's traditional markets firmly in the grip of the current global economic slowdown, the major players in the water sector are actively looking for new opportunities, and emerging markets do not come any bigger than Abu Dhabi, with cumulative investments over the next 5 years expected to top US$ 271 billion.

"Water Solutions Middle East is committed to assist in the realization of Abu Dhabi’s ‘Vision 2030’, and this high level conference, which runs alongside the Water Solutions Middle East Exhibition, will address the specific challenges faced by the regional water industry," said Sarah Woodbridge, Group Director – Exhibitions, IIR Middle East – organizers of the event. "Speakers at the event will present valuable case studies, real life solutions and practical presentations to an audience of high level power, water and energy professionals."

The conference, supported by Global Water Intelligence, has been designed as a key platform for the water industry to exchange ideas, discuss strategic and technical challenges, gain insights into the latest advances and share successful solutions.

The Middle East is already home to two of the world’s largest water projects, including the world’s second largest independent water and power project (IWPP), Fujairah F2, which is expected to be operational by the end of 2010 at a cost of US$2.8 billion. It combines multiple effect distillation (MED) and reverse osmosis (RO) technologies to deliver the most economical potable water solutions, and is the first in the Middle East to use Alstom’s GT26 gas turbines. With an installed power capacity of 2,000MW, it will product 591,500 cubic meters of water per day.

The other notable Middle East project is the world’s largest IWPP, Marafiq – this multiple effect distillation (MED) plant has the capacity to produce more than 2.7 GW of power and 800,000 cubic meters per day of desalinated water.

As demonstrated by the sheer scale of these two projects, the supply of adequate water supplies remains a top priority for governments across the region, who are all facing the challenge of meeting the water requirements of rapidly expanding populations and growing manufacturing demand.

"Climate change is inexorably altering the precipitation patterns throughout the world, both in traditionally arid regions and more temperate zones," says Patricia Mulroy, General Manager, Nevada Water Authority and Las Vegas Valley Water District, USA – one of the leading international water experts who will present at Water Solutions Middle East.

"While much of the focus is on the environmental implications of this change, the repercussions for water planners are significant because the availability of a safe, reliable water supply is the foundation for a prosperous society. Responsible managers can now enact a variety of measures that mitigate our contribution to greenhouse gas emissions, extend existing supplies and provide greater certainty of future water resources."

"The most sustainable water supply is the optimization of existing sources – through actions that reduce system loss and customer-oriented conservation programmes, the onus is on utilities to make the most of their water resources. Additionally, because many traditional sources of supply are imperiled by drought, we must forge mutually beneficial partnerships, both regional and multi-national – we must acknowledge that our futures are intertwined and act accordingly."

Another leading water authority, Dr. Gerhard Schories, Technical Director of Water, Energy and Landscape Management experts ttz Bremerhaven of Germany, will focus on re-cycling and reuse – climatic water management in the Mediterranean and Middle East, covering a range of technological concepts to purify municipal and industrial wastewater for water re-use. Special focus will be put on the specific requirements of applications in the region and will include project examples.

"Water is essential for life, but is a very scarce commodity in many regions of the world," he said. "Water is needed for drinking, for agriculture, for household purposes and last but not least for industry – these different applications all require different water qualities. While there is a strong need for water purification technological development, every available water source needs to be considered for purification and re-use." The conference will cover topics ranging from "Solutions to Red Tide, Reverse Osmosis Membrane and the Algae Challenge" to "The Engineering of Sustainable Water Systems", "Regional Initiatives – Global Synergy", "Water Resource Management and Planning" plus "Water Treatment and Processing," and runs alongside the Water Solutions Middle East Exhibition, a dedicated showcase of water related products and services, from 11-13 October 2009 at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre.

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