Water is a Limited Commodity That Must be Managed Sustainably & Strategically

Aug 23, 2011

The International Energy Agency predicts oil and gas will meet the majority of the worlds energy demand for the foreseeable future raising the spot light on the role water plays in oil and gas production. Oil and gas companies looking to achieve sustainable growth will increasingly have to manage their water footprint, as well as their carbon footprint. Never has there been the need for collaboration between these sectors in order to secure the future of world energy demands.

The Global Water: Oil & Gas Summit 2012 will take place in May 2012 in Dubai and will bring together senior experts in oil and gas engineering, geology, logistics, construction, refining and project management together with senior executives from the water industry; providing a platform to discuss the role and demand of water in the oil and gas industry.
Water is essential to production growth and generates significant costs; oil and gas companies are placing greater focus on water as a strategic part of the value chain, water is no longer an environmental issue and managing water resources requires a strategic approach.

The two day conference will discuss the major issues that affect the water, oil and gas industries and will look at a range of international case studies providing a forum for leading experts to discuss similarities, opportunities and experiences of water management in the oil and gas industry.
Please visit http://www.cwcoilgasandwater.com for detailed event informations.

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