Wastech Controls and Engineering Offers Laboratory pH Adjustment Systems

Aug 20, 2012

Wastech Controls and Engineering solves tough wastewater treatment problems with their laboratory pH adjustment systems. These pH adjustment systems are designed to lower the pH of caustic wastewater and raise the pH of acidic wastes.

Neutralizing the pH of wastewater is important because the pH must be within an acceptable range to ensure that the wastewater does not harm humans or wildlife. Wastech offers a variety of pH neutralization systems, including the LabDelta PLUS system.
The LabDelta PLUS system is designed to neutralize a continuous flowrate of up to 3 gpm of laboratory waste. Laboratory waste neutralization can be tricky because often there are small batch dumps of higher concentration waste in addition to larger continuous flows. The LabDelta PLUS is able to neutralize both. The volume and detail of the waste being dumped is important for laboratory units so consult Wastech for proper application of the LabDelta PLUS system. The LabDelta PLUS can also be customized for applications that may involve heat generation due to dumping of higher concentration waste.
The LabDelta PLUS system is specifically designed for laboratory needs. The system is a two-stage continuous system. The advantage of the two stage system is it can handle more extreme waste and also provides insurance against a non-compliance with the two reaction stages in series. The reaction tanks as well as the chemical tanks are all double-contained for safety. In addition, these systems are designed to connect with the ventilation systems in a building, which circumvents the need for a separate outside ventilation system. The units are small, allowing them to be placed directly in the laboratory.
In addition to pH adjustment systems, Wastech offers solvent collection systems along with both solvent and non-hazardous pump lift station systems to remove and collect organic waste such as alcohols, MEK, and other hydrocarbon based solvents.
Wastech is also known for its heavy metal removal systems, such as its patent-pending MetFloc chemicals for heavy metal removal. The MetFloc chemicals remove up to 21 varieties of heavy metals in one pass, eliminating the need for multiple passes and continuous pH adjustment.

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