WABAG to build a new sewage treatment plant for the city of Madinah in Saudi Arabia

May 03, 2012

VA TECH WABAG Austria is to supply a new sewage treatment plant to Madinah in Saudi Arabia, thus providing advanced, environment-friendly wastewater disposal for around 1 million people. The municipal wastewater will be purified using mechanical/biological treatment and downstream wastewater filtration, which will enable the reuse of the treated water for agricultural irrigation purposes and also help to protect natural water resources in an arid region. The project, which has an order volume of EUR 15.4 million, will be completed in 2013.

WABAG was awarded the contract during end 2011 for execution of the new sewage treatment plant by MASCO, one of the main local contractors, as also the general contractor for the final client, the Ministry of Water and Electricity. WABAG will be responsible for the design, engineering and supply of the plant, as well as the supervision of installation.

Advanced treatment - three steps for the protection of the environment and resources

The plant will treat 200,000m3/d municipal wastewater, thus guaranteeing environmentally compatible wastewater disposal for around 1 million people. The technology to be employed consists of conventional mechanical pre-treatment and biological treatment using the activated sludge process, in combination with tertiary filtration. This additional, downstream sand filtration provides high effluent quality, which will allow the reuse of the cleaned wastewater for agricultural irrigation and also help to protect the rare, natural water resources of the region.
The plant represents the third stage of the extension of the entire wastewater treatment system for Madinah. In addition to the two existing plants (WABAG supplied the wastewater filtration step for Madinah Phase 2 in 2002) the third, new sewage treatment plant is to be implemented in order to ensure suitable, regional wastewater disposal. Start-up will take place in 2013.

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