Vortex Infrastructure Continues to Expand Geographically

Oct 30, 2017

As a result, rebrands and changes its name to the Vortex Companies

Vortex Infrastructure recently announced that it is changing its name to the Vortex Companies. This decision is driven by the rapid growth of the company’s expanding portfolio of brands, products and services it offers for the renewal of civil infrastructure.

"With the recent acquisition of Ricor Services, in Arvada, Colorado, the executive management team believed it was time to change the name to better reflect our range of capabilities," stated Mike Vellano, CEO of the Vortex Companies. The fast growing company already has locations in Texas, New England, Pennsylvania, Arkansas and Colorado; and is looking into the viability of also expanding into Florida, Illinois and California. “A lot of our growth has been market driven. As a turnkey provider of civil infrastructure solutions, we are continually adding resources to our core competencies, to address the challenges of our customers,” he added.

The Vortex Companies has quickly grown to be one of the leading trenchless solution providers in the water, sewer and industrial marketplace. Its suite of services now includes turnkey bypass and dewatering, large diameter structural relining, pipe bursting and slip lining, structural and corrosion protection, trenchless robotic systems, pipe and drain cleaners and industrial facility maintenance and renewal.

The Vortex Companies is the nation’s fastest growing provider of trenchless solution services that includes turnkey bypass operations, pipe and manhole repair materials, and advanced infrastructure lining and robotic systems.

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