Future Pipe Industries Executive Vice President Delivers Keynote Speech at "The Future of Australian Infrastructure" Event

Jul 11, 2013

Mr. Imad Makhzoumi Executive Vice President and member of the board of Future Pipe Industries (FPI), a leading global provider of fiberglass pipe system, was recently invited by KPMG and Global Pipe Australia to be the guest speaker in a reception held in Melbourne, Australia.

At this exclusive event Mr. Makhzoumi addressed an audience of around 50 senior executives from the Energy, Water and Financial sectors in a 45-minute presentation followed by Q&A on the topic 'The Future of Australian Infrastructure'. Mr. Makhzoumi shared his insight about the rapid expansion of the global infrastructure in general, and explored the key challenges and critical issues facing the Australian industry in specific.

On hosting the event, David Morgan CEO of Global Pipe Australia, the exclusive FPI agent in Australia, and an importer of premium quality pipe for companies throughout Australia, said: "We at Global Pipe understand these challenges and have partnered with FPI, the world's largest manufacturer of composite fiberglass pipe systems, to deliver the latest integrated engineering solutions and the safest pipe systems to the Australian market."

During the presentation Mr. Makhzoumi highlighted how Fiberglass is the ideal material to deliver the most comprehensive ways to deal with these challenges and to also prepare organizations for what lies ahead.

On speaking at the event, Mr. Makhzoumi said: "Being chosen as a guest speaker for this prominent event shows the global recognition and success of FPI as an organization. Now, more than ever, there is great importance placed on delivering integrated engineering solutions and improving performance through efficient, cost-effective and safe pipe systems, which is vital to the development of the infrastructure. Fiberglass pipe systems are rapidly becoming the technology of choice in delivering water and energy to the world in the most efficient way."

According to Freedonia research, the world fiberglass pipe demand is currently USD 4.5 billion, at an estimated compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2010 to 2017 of 6.8% compared to 3.6% for steel pipes. Australia fiberglass pipe demand is around USD 126 million, with an opportunity to grow to USD 1.6 billion per year. The demand is predominantly based on mining and Oil & Gas sectors, and efforts to improve the longstanding drought conditions are also driving fiberglass pipe demand in water distribution and desalination plants.

During the trip Mr. Makhzoumi also held several meetings organized by KPMG in Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane, with EPC contractors, developers and local contractors in the Oil & Gas, water and mining industries to discuss further cooperation opportunities.

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