Upgraded lateral camera system "goes the distance"

Jun 30, 2015

Whether inspecting pipe laterals for cleaning, repair or inspection, plumbing specialists now have a one-touch lateral camera system that supports a wide range of pipe sizes with a highly durable yet comparatively inexpensive self-contained unit.

The 200-foot pushrod capability of the new PortaVision 3 from HammerHead Trenchless Equipment can be increased from its standard system to a 300- or 400-foot capability simply by changing out its premium fiberglass spiral-wound pushrod reels – eliminating the cost of duplicate system components to meet the needs of all jobsite applications.

“I think the PortaVision 3 system offers users two huge values,” said Matt Gabrielse, HammerHead lateral products support specialist. “One is the increased versatility they get by simply swapping out reels for longer runs. The other is the increased life they’ll enjoy from its premium fiberglass spiral-wound pushrods.”

Pushrods are subject to the most abuse during inspection work. The fiberglass spiral-wound material used to make PortaVision 3 Premium Push Rods lasts up to four times longer than less durable push rod materials.

Wheeled camera skids are available for use with pipe diameters 8 to 12 inches.

The 10.4-inch hi-res LCD monitor is easily removed from the frame for quick mobilization. For one-touch recording of up to seven hours of video and sound, operators simply push the PortaVision3 On-Demand recording button.

Hardwired connection to the monitoring unit’s integrated USB port (8 Mb USB memory device included) eliminates the need to purchase a dedicated computer notebook, netbook or laptop. The connection ensures high-quality recording. No Bluetooth or Internet connection is required. 

The PortaVision 3 is available from HammerHead Trenchless Equipment or from authorized dealers, worldwide. Authorized dealers can be found on the web at www.hammerheadtrenchless.com or by calling 800.331.6653. (International: + [1] 920.648.4848). Equipment pricing and information is also available online at www.hydraliner.com.

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