Apr 29, 2015

PLASTIC PIPES XVIII Conference and Exhibition will be hosted at Berlin’s InterContinental 12 – 14 September 2016. Organizers of the event expect at least 450 participants drawn from all sectors of the plastic pipes industry and from over 40 countries.

“Our choice of Berlin is highly appropriate,” explains Zoran Davidovski, Chairman of the conference organizing committee and vice president of Pipelife International. “The world plastic pipe industry was founded through the first installation of PVC water pipes in 1936 in Germany. More recently, the country has been a major exporter of plastic pipe fittings to Eastern Europe where growth in the demand for locally produced plastic pipe systems now exceeds that of traditional markets in the West.”

2016 will mark the second Plastic Pipes Conference in Germany. The first occasion was in Munich in 2002.

"Germany’s success in becoming the world’s second exporter (after China) is very much rooted in the German macroeconomic belief that ‘We make the thing that goes inside the thing that goes inside the thing.’ But what you also see in Germany - and in nearly every other world market - is that the significant growth in demand for plastic pipes stems largely from the replacement of antiquated steel, concrete and copper pipe systems. Benefits such as quality, long life performance, ease of installation and low environmental impact continue to appeal to a more discerning customer base."

Davidovski also notes that the German Plastic Pipes Association known as the Kunststoffrohrverbandes (KRV) has done much to stimulate demand as well as promote collection and recycling schemes. “Our conference will learn much from the German experience in all activities associated with gas, water, sewer, telecom, building and civil engineering sectors."

"Aside from this local window, our main program will comprise more than 120 presentations from the entire world of plastic pipes. They will cover key technical and marketing issues relating to the design and development, testing, installation and operation of plastic pipes systems. Papers will offer solutions to engineering issues in the use of plastic pipes systems and identify market trends for further growth in the use of plastic pipes. We shall also review in depth, latest developments in application areas, materials, testing, performance and the most recent expertise acquired in the area of sustainability and its assessment."

The first Plastic Pipe Conference was held in Southampton in 1970. Conferences and exhibitions are organized by the Plastic Pipe Conference Association. Member associations comprise PE 100+, Plastic Pipes Institute (PPI) PVC4Pipes and the European Plastic Pipes and Fittings Association (TEPPFA)

Main sponsors of PLASTIC PIPES XVIII will be plastic pipe machine and equipment supplier Rollepaal and the Baerlocher Group, a world leader in the manufacture of additives for the plastics industry.

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