TT-UK Trenchless Technology Equipment 'Alive' and Kicking

Nov 24, 2010

Following the success of the NO-DIG Live event held in 2008 at the Royal Showground in Warwickshire UK, the exhibition organisers Westrade Fair decided that due to ease of vehicular access, good on site parking and its central geographical location, to again hold the 10th bi-annual Trenchless Technology Exhibition (NO-DIG) at this prestigious showground.

NO-DIG LIVE attracts visitors from all the UK Utility Companies; Water, Gas and Electricity. Once again the quality and variety of UK and International visitors from Spain, South Africa, Ireland, Holland, Bulgaria, Russia, reflected the ever growing importance of laying pipe and cables using Trenchless Equipment with no disruption to the general public and environment.

Over the three days the TT-UK stand attracted hundreds of visitors and levels of interest were as high as ever. Live demonstrations of Grundomat and Grundopile took place and customers were encouraged to have a 'hands-on' approach and take part in the demonstrations.

Many attendees visited the TT-UK stand to view the new Grundodrill XP on display and discuss their specialist application requirements. The Grundodrill 15XP is precision engineered with robust construction. The boring operation has not become more complicated - quite the opposite. Immense increased rotation performance and advanced technical improvements, speak volumes for the 15XP, which operates more quietly compared to other bore systems. New features include 400mm wide rubber undercarriage; bore-data storage system; installed pipe tensile strength measuring system and remote data transfer to LCD display, which controls bore mode and auto-bore. A "black box" stores the bore process parameters making as laid pipe data available to the operator and clients. The unique dynamic percussive hammer (1500 strokes/min) increases application possibilities in stony soils and weathered rocks.

A Maxi Rig was on display in co-operation with AMS NO-Dig who recently purchased a Prime Drilling 250 Tonne rig. Visitors were encouraged to operate the rig from within the control cabin to get a real feel of the power and performance of an HDD rig capable of installing oil - gas - and other fluid pipe diameters up to 48" and larger over distances of up to 2 Kilometres made possible with pull back forces of 250T combined with rotational backreaming forces at 90,000Nm.

A Grundoburst 400S was on working display to assist the Swagelining Company to demonstrate the swageing pipe lining process. The unique QuickLock (ladder type) rods replace the cable winching method more commonly used. However the small but robust Grundoburst 400S with a powerful 40 Tonnes pulling force is ideal for confined space working as well as the reduced logistical and jobsite set up costs.

Following up on the many enquiries received from the exhibition, product sales have already resulted to both new and existing satisfied TT-UK/Grundomat customers. TT-UK manufactures and supplies a wide range of Trenchless Technology equipment, for the most cost effective method of installing/replacing existing pipes/cables underground without associated traffic disruption and environmental impact.

This includes GRUNDOMAT soil displacement hammers in diameters 45-180mm; GRUNDORAM steel pipe-ramming hammers for the installation of steel pipes in diameters 200mm-4m; GRUNDOCRACK, GRUNDOBURST - FORM and GRUNDOTUGGER pneumatic/hydraulic pipe-cracking replacement systems for 110-1000mm pipes/mains; GRUNDOPILE vertical piling hammers for 2-8in steel pile casings; GRUNDOWINCH trailer-mounted winches from 2-40 tonne; GRUNDOPIT, GRUNDOBORE, GRUNDODRILL, directional boring systems for the installation of pipes up to 600mm diameter. SLIP-FAST Pipe Pushing system which overcomes all associated problems with slip-lining new pipe into existing old or decaying pipes. NEW is the TT-UK/RSP and TT1000 SUCTION EXCAVATORS which overcome digging damage to buried pipes/cables.

TT-UK is also an Accredited City & Guilds Training Centre for the above system operations and is Energy and Utility Skills approved (EUS). TT-UK looks forward to the next planned event in 2012.

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