TT-UK introduces ‘New’ GRUNDODRILL 18 ACS - All Condition System Drill Rig

Aug 29, 2014

In HDD drilling the main problem is creating a consistent bore when faced with complex and difficult soil conditions. To create bore paths within changeable and unstable sand, soil or stone types is clearly difficult and this can be made even more challenging when boring through rock structures with a varying geological formation.

Bearing these limitations in mind, having powerful bore technology is fundamental in completing a calculated and efficient drilling job, resulting in satisfactory bore times and acceptable operating costs.

TT-UK has achieved a significant leap forward regarding technical capacity and economic efficiency with the ‘New’ GRUNDODRILL 18 All Condition System; which can easily bore through various sand, soil or rock environments.This unique combined unit adapts from standard drillings to the toughest bore conditions with optimal results.Once the pilot bore is prepared, the pilot bore head is removed from the first drill rod string, which can then be exchanged with a suitable bore hole opener for each specific and individual soil/rock condition. For this TT-UK also supply GRUNDOREAM a range of back reamers with interchangeable cutting blades. The appropriate back reamer is selected, attached and pulled back which ensures a stable and consolidated bore is formed for the product pipe to be smoothly installed.

The ‘New’ King of Rock

The GRUNDODRILL 18ACS works with a twin tube drill rod. The inner tube is mounted inside the outer tube and prevents wearing contact with the outer tube while boring. The inner tube drives the bore head with the roller chisel transferring a torque of max. 500 Nm up to 350 rpm for the pilot bore. The outer tube sonde housing steers the rock breaker (rock bore head) by rotating the angled casing to enable directional control. In hard rock and stony grounds the outer tube also has a protection function, which prevents the rock bore head from blocking; this does not however compromise the bore operation.

Without impairing the performance, only a small quantity of Bentonite is required, keeping the costs for purchase, treatment and disposal down to a minimum.The inner tubes are quickly and firmly plugged together with the plug and turn connection. This saves a considerable amount of time during the drilling process.

The Diesel engine runs during the pilot bore by lowering the rpm’s to only 1400 rpm in ‘save mode’. Diesel consumption is lower than 8 litres per hour, which on the whole vastly reduces the operating costs. Operating the unit in ‘save mode’ as well as the buffering on the engine cover ensures that noise levels remain low. The inner tubes are connected together easily, quickly and safely with the plug and turn connection. This also saves a considerable amount of time during the actual drilling process. The GRUNDODRILL 18ACS is compatible with all proven detection systems, which means that bore depths of up to 22 metres are possible.

For the exchange of the 5 stackable rod boxes, each with 8 combined drill rods, a revolving telescopic crane of 3.2 metres is available which can also be applied to lift, assemble and disassemble heavy tools (up to 900 kg). The spacious operator cabin which revolves up to 90° meets the exceptionally high standards of all GRUNDODRILL HDD systems. The simple, user friendly touch screen display is controlled easily by the operator to manage all functions and manoeuvres.



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