TT-UK at BAGELA's 25th Anniversary

Jul 17, 2009

TT-UK's GRUNDOWINCH management staff recently attended the Bagela 25th Anniversary celebrations. Bagela are renowned for manufacturing the highly acclaimed GRUNDOWINCH range of cable and pipe pulling installation equipment.

Agents, customers and visitors from across the Globe, eg USA, Saudi Arabia, Russia, were treated to fine hospitality combined with interesting product presentations and working demonstrations.

TT-UK has supplied many hundreds of GRUNDOWINCHES from 1 - 400 Tonne capacity into the UK utilities market as well as to many of their international outlets in Ireland, South Africa and India.

TT Germany's HDD specialist Jochen Schmidt highlighted in his informative yet witty speech on how the TT Group of Companies had worked with Bagela on many joint product developments over the 25 years ie GRUNDOCRACK and GRUNDOWINCH and the two companies joint success had become synonymous with quality and reliability when both products were combined in the pipe cracking and winching process. Other developments included Winch Swage Lining and the award winning Slip-Fast Pipe Pushing Machine.

The anniversary celebrations culminated with a lavish international cuisine banquet with food tastes from far and wide - Caribbean, Mexican, Thai, as well as many traditional German delicacies, all prepared on BBQ's inside the food hall marquee.

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