TT-UK "Bursting-Out" in India

Feb 27, 2009

The City of Mumbai (Bombay) with a population of about 15 million people has been growing at about 4.3 percent per year. Over the past 50 years, in an effort to develop the urban infrastructure and keep pace with rapid population growth, a high priority is necessary to improve the quality of the water supply and to upgrade the ageing and overloaded sewer networks.

Until the mid 70’s most of the urban area discharged sewage to surface water streams, gullies and storm water drains. As a result the shoreline of the city became heavily polluted.

However times are changing; relentlessly working in urban areas of Mumbai the continuous planning and release of projects through the various public works departments, the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) is now giving high priority to maintaining, upgrading and increasing the infrastructure to its existing sanitary sewers, pump stations, storm drains and solid waste disposal duties to reduce heath risks while improving the city’s aesthetic environment.

Sewer Mains (Pipe Bursting) Replacement Project:

In early 2008 TT-UK formally signed a JV agreement with contracting partner KEPL of Bangalore to undertake the replacement and renewal of 17 km’s of existing clayware sewer pipes in the City of Mumbai. A particular concern to the JV partners was that with many of the sewer pipes to be replaced, either size for size or upsizing, there was the possibility the old existing pipe would be surrounded by a tough concrete protective layer. This situation required the selection of specialist pipe bursting/cracking equipment/tooling to overcome the potential bursting problem.

The majority of sewer lines to be replaced on the JV project were 150mm and 230mm id (clayware) upsizing to 315 mm and 355mm PE pipe respectively.

KEPL/TT-UK underwent a rigorous pre-qualification process in order to satisfy the Mumbai Sewerage Department, involving lengthy commercial and technical discussions aimed at producing a cost effective, productive and reliable solution in replacing the under-capacity old and decaying sewers in this part of Mumbai City, in order to meet the strict tender requirements.

With a contract value of 2.5 million US dollars this meant KEPL-TT-UK had to guarantee to both themselves and the client the correct equipment selection for this carefully planned high profile project, knowing that a temporary halt in the pipe bursting programme caused by the ‘monsoon season’ could create heavy burdens and possible delays as completion of the project is due by the end of 2009.

Equipment Choice:

Carefully selected for its excellent build quality, safe and proven reliable performance featuring the unique QuickLock highly productive patented rod design, the Grundoburst 800g (80t) Rig was decided upon and was subsequently deployed to India with all the supporting essential operating accessories, followed by TT-UK’s visiting engineers for the technical transfer, commissioning and full on-site operational training of the KEPL management and engineers.

For the larger pipe replacement size 230mm id to 355mm and in anticipation of encountering sewage pipes with the concrete surround, a reversible Grundocrack 260 model combined with a 10 Ton Grundowinch was also deployed to Mumbai, as the JV partners wneers in the future this new cost effective way to replace the many hundreds of Kilometers of sewage pipes within the city.

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