TRIC Trenchless Renews Kellogg's Eggo plant Underground Infrastructure

Dec 17, 2012

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TRIC Tools, Inc., a Northern California based Pipe Bursting technology company, joined with Therma Corp., a San Jose based mechanical contracting firm, to upgrade underground utility lines at Kellogg's Eggo manufacturing plant in San Jose, CA.

In the first phase of the project, TRIC replaced a 6" PVC industrial wastewater mainline running under a system of 50-foot tall liquid tanks containing key ingredients in the production of Eggo waffles and pancakes. The 100' long 6" PVC main was upsized to 8" HDPE using the TRIC M50 pipebursting system.

On the following day TRIC and Therma replaced a 200' long 6" cast iron wastewater pipe from inside the Eggo plant using the TRIC X30 pipe bursting system, to connect to the new 8" main waste line that was installed outside the building on the previous day. Pipe Bursting equipment was sprayed down with disinfectant and wrapped in plastic before entering the facility. The operating pit for the bursting equipment was isolated in a sealed and ventilated clean room constructed inside the plant.

"Security and cleanliness are absolute rules at Kellogg's", said John Rafferty, Director of Marketing and technical support. He continued, "The Therma team kept any potential mess literally under wraps, so we could perform our job without a hitch."

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