Trenchless Consulting Services (TCS) Improves Competitiveness in a Volatile Construction Market

Apr 06, 2009

Specialized Services Co., (SSC) today announced their intent to offer comprehensive trenchless consulting services designed to help engineering and design firms improve their competitiveness as they adapt to the downturn in the construction market.

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) - Building on its 40 years of experience in the trenchless construction industry, SSC is introducing "Trenchless Consulting Services" (TCS), which translates customers' business needs into actionable solutions. With TCS, engineering and construction design firms can identify new trenchless revenue opportunities, enhance the customer experience, improve operational efficiency and manage the risks associated with new technology implementation.

At the core of TCS, is a unique individual who has literally spent a lifetime in the trenches. Arvid Veidmark, III, second generation owner of Specialized Services Company (SSC), based in Phoenix, AZ. Veidmark has more than two decades of operational experience and has been consulting on major city improvement projects since 1997. His advanced knowledge of trenchless technology has helped engineering firms and city and state officials worldwide, to accurately specify more cost effective and environmentally safe methods of construction, a service that has not only benefited municipalities but the public as well.

Emphasizing a trenchless approach, Veidmark helps engineers re-examine their design strategies, and lays the foundation for effective implementation. Once the project variables are clearly defined, Veidmark works with clients to select the right technology and provide support throughout the construction process.

"By utilizing TCS, engineers will achieve measurable revenue gains and operational efficiencies as well as the ability to deliver a better customer experience," said Marcia Veidmark, President and CEO of Specialized Services Company. "At the core of our success is SSC's deep experience in underground construction, our commitment to excellent customer service, and our willingness to take on tough projects others may shy away from."

SSC provides turnkey trenchless boring and tunneling services as well as subsurface utility engineering for clients worldwide.

"The construction landscape is changing, and engineers must also change and grow to ensure they can deliver a viable and competitive product," said Professor Samuel Ariaratnam, Ph.D., P.E., Del E. Webb School of Construction, Arizona State University. "TCS is providing an educational approach to transformational change that starts with basic trenchless methodologies and ends with sustainable solutions for urban underground infrastructure systems."

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