Trelleborg pipe seals launches easy-fit Manhole Seal

May 12, 2010

Trelleborg Engineered Systems, through its Pipe Seals division, has introduced DRAIN FlexRib Manhole Seal, a chimney or collar seal designed to prevent infiltration and exfiltration from the top entry area of a manhole structure. Using patented Waveband technology the unit creates the most effective seal possible.

"The top entry area is the part of the manhole that suffers most deterioration due to freeze thaw cycles at the surface, traffic loading, thermal expansion and contraction of the surrounding pavement, roads and other external forces. Prevention of infiltration to and from manholes is therefore a key factor in the effective sealing of pipe networks," says Ian Ramsay, Sales Director for Trelleborg Pipe Seals Gateshead, UK.

"Our new DRAIN FlexRib Manhole Seal now offers a very quick to install and easy to use unit to achieve rehabilitation or restoration of pipe networks. Without the use of liquid resins, flexible materials and often extended cure times or pre-formed sections, which could possibly affect the future accessibility of manholes, manhole collars can now be completely sealed against extraneous flows in one simple operation."

The DRAIN FlexRib Manhole Seal is a spring seal system which utilizes a rubber seal in conjunction with an expanding stainless steel clip. Using patented Waveband technology the unit creates a more effective seal by concentrating the compressive force of the expansion band. The rubber is "captured" between the band and the manhole structure.

The seal is placed over the affected area and the spring clip is expanded using either a manual or hydraulically driven installation tool to press the rubber seal into position over the damaged area. Installing the seal creates a watertight seal between the manhole frame casting and top of the manhole cone. The design of the seal allows it to move vertically and/or laterally whilst maintaining a watertight seal.

The seal itself is made from a premium quality rubber compound and is available in four widths, along with a FlexRib extension seal, to cover all types of manholes.

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