The world still needs more of HDPE

Nov 04, 2009

Hebna is trying to meet the growing demand of HDPE pipe liner installation through the trenchless technology. The durability of the substance has made it popular in the daily life of a common man.

The universal demand for maintaining a congenial lifestyle influenced Hebna's HDPE pipeline liner installation rate. It has been observed that the rapid growing demand of HDPE pipe in various sectors motivated Hebna to expand their related services as far as possible. A study revealed that around 44% HDPE has been consumed by North America and Western Europe in the year 2007.

High Density Polyethylene pipes have been standardized in the mining industry. Understanding the fact that High Density Polyethylene pipes are comparatively tougher and lasts longer, people from every sector and across the world are using HDPE in their daily lives wherever and whenever required.

Especially, to avoid the problem of frequent leakage through corrosion, a significant number of people have accepted installing High Density Polyethylene pipe liners both at home and office.

Hebna has eliminated the hassle of installing HDPE pipes through trenchless technology. The host pipe is fused with the HDPE liner pipe to improve the resistant power. Hebna is very cautious about the fusion process. Hence the entire process is carried out in an enclosed area usually termed as “Tent” to shield it against rain and wind.

Hebna maintains the adequate heating and cooling time along with temperature required for the perfect fusion. Moreover, the company upgrades its products on the basis of the latest available technologies. That's why a customer would always find newly developed products of Hebna. According to sources, there are many new products in the pipeline too.

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