The Standard Reference Book “Rehabilitation and Maintenance of Drains and Sewers” Digitally Disclosed

Aug 28, 2018

The rehabilitation and maintenance of drains and sewers are unarguable of worldwide importance for the economy, infrastructure, as well as culture, prosperity and the human health. Thus, what lies in hidden depths should not be invisible. In line with this leitmotiv, the fourth edition of the first volume of “Rehabilitation and Maintenance of Drains and Sewers” by Dietrich and Robert Stein will be available online soon.

Quick and easy access to information and learning „to go” is the core of the zeitgeist. Thanks to worldwide digitalization, one will find not bind books, magazines and specialist journals in briefcases on the way to meetings or school satchels on the way to youth hostels, but e-books and smartphones.

The independent knowledge and information platform – which has made a name for itself with its extensive offer on e-learning in underground engineering – embodies the modern way of learning. The online book publication correlates with UNITRACC’s motto: Digital, didactical, current and technically sound and available around the clock.

The Best Seller in its Updated Edition Offers Expertise and Specialist Knowledge of the Time

The fourth edition of the internationally renowned reference book “Rehabilitation and Maintenance of Drains and Sewers” has, next to the introduction and in-depth explanation of the operating modes, structure, and preservation of underground wastewater network, specialist know-how on offer. Many questions find their answer in the book, such as: Which materials enable which advantages? Which soil mechanical basis is to be considered and how are damages detected and cost-effective repaired?

The compliance of the book with present guidelines and sets of rules as well as modern remediation techniques were the reasons for the revision and extension of the third edition from 1999. For the first time, the drainage system as a whole – comprising of the municipal sewage system, the private land drainage systems as well as the street drainage system – steps into the limelight.

More than 1300 Visualizations and 195 Tables as well as 3D Animations Guarantee a Striking Learning Comprehension

In contrast to the printed version, the online release gives the chance for in the book printed images, charts, and visualizations to be integrated as 3D animations and videos. The visual graphics depict complex processes comprehensible and memorable.

If the print version should not go amiss in the bookshelves of engineers and skilled tradesmen in the field of sewage management, the online version displays another obligatory possibility to find answers for any questions concerning the maintenance and rehabilitation of drains and sewers.

Discover „Structure and Limiting Conditions of Sewer Systems” Around the Clock

The print book published by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stein & Partner GmbH comprising of nearly 900 pages is now integrated into UNITRACC chapter by chapter. This way, customers of the UNITRACC knowledge portal do not have to wait long for their answers. The entire volume 2 of the reference book on canal construction and repair is likewise under way and available for customers of the information website in near future.

Customers of UNITRACC's Knowledge Portal will find the first Chapter of Rehabilitation and Maintenance of Drains and Sewers online already!


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