Sykes Pumps provides solution for filtration diversion at Seascale

Aug 15, 2018

Leading pump hire specialist, Sykes Pumps, has enabled Seascale Water Treatment Works in Cumbria to successfully replace part of its plant, by providing an interim solution for a key filtration stage that was to be out of commission for a period of five weeks.

To ensure the wastewater was treated to the same high standards and flow levels were maintained through the works, Sykes Pumps was brought in to specify, supply and commission an over-pumping solution that would both filter the sludge and bypass the area where essential maintenance was taking place.

The recommended solution was two Dissolved Filtration Units (DAF), which were provided with a suitable pump and hose configuration by Sykes Pumps to divert the flow of sludge from the previous filtration stage to the following process, bypassing the usual route.

These were supported by a like-for-like standby for each duty pump and two SP50 submersible pumps to handle the overflow of the main wastewater handling tank.

With a maximum flow rate of 90l/s and a maximum solids capability of 52mm, the two GP150 diesel-driven pumps were used to pump sludge from the previous process into the DAF unit then from the DAF unit on to the next process at the wastewater plant.

Each pump was fitted with ultrasonic sensors and controls to enable the flow rate to adjust automatically to the level of wastewater in the system. These sensors also ensured that the system would automatically switch to the standby pump if any fault was detected on either of the duty units.

Sykes Pumps supplied the pumping equipment as part of a total solution that also included generators, distribution panels, control panels and all cabling and hose.

The project was completed in just five weeks, with Sykes Pumps providing all commissioning and technical support throughout the programme to keep the scheme on track.

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