Sydney Water set to separate Woolloomooloo combined system

Sep 23, 2016

Sydney Water will soon start separating Sydney’s last remaining combined stormwater and wastewater system, with construction work beginning early next year.

Kaia Hodge, Acting General Manager, Liveable City Solutions said ‘the $45 million Woolloomooloo Separation Project will significantly reduce diluted wastewater discharges into the bay and further improve Sydney’s harbour”. “This is a significant milestone for Sydney and the Woolloomooloo Bay area in particular,” Ms Hodge said.

The system currently collects wastewater and stormwater in the same pipe and transports it for treatment at the Bondi Wastewater Treatment Plant. It is one of five original combined systems built in the 1800s. Once the separation work is done, the system capacity is enhanced which will significantly reduce wet weather wastewater discharges into the bay. Ms Hodge said “the project will be a win for the residents and the environment”.

The Woolloomooloo Separation Project will involve:
  • constructing about 4.2kms of new wastewater pipes
  • connecting about 220 properties to the new system
  • building of 650m of new stormwater pipes

Since 2000, Sydney Water has made great progress in reducing wet weather wastewater discharges to Sydney’s waterways. Projects like this will continue to enhance the liveability of Greater Sydney. Construction on the Woolloomooloo Separation Project will begin in early 2017 and take approximately 24 months to complete.

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