Switzerland and EBRD support water services in Naryn

Aug 03, 2015

Grant from the Government of Switzerland and EBRD loan help improve water and wastewater services for around 36,000 people

The Government of Switzerland and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) are continuing to increase their contributions to modernise water and wastewater services in the Kyrgyz Republic, thus improving people’s quality of life. The new investment will address huge water losses and the urgent need to upgrade water and wastewater infrastructure in Naryn, the city of 36,000 people situated en route to China. The Government of Switzerland and the EBRD will provide a total of €5.2 million to improve the water and wastewater infrastructure. The EBRD will provide a loan of up to €2 million, while the Government of Switzerland will provide capital grants of €3.2 million for the project.

In addition, the municipal water company in Naryn will be supported by technical experts to improve the financial and operational management of Naryn Water Company. The EBRD President, Sir Suma Chakrabarti, said: “The modernisation of water and wastewater services in Kyrgyz cities is a priority for the EBRD’s work in the country and the Bank has developed a dedicated financing facility for the purpose. We are proud that our investment, together with a capital grant from the Government of Switzerland, will improve people’s lives in yet another Kyrgyz city.” “Switzerland is thrilled to foster its support to water supply and sanitation in the Kyrgyz Republic. Good water quality and sanitation is critical for health and economic development”, says the Ambassador of Switzerland in the Kyrgyz Republic, René Holenstein.

“The signature of the bilateral agreement for the Naryn Water Project underlines the strong relationship that Switzerland and the Kyrgyz Republic have built up over the past years. It also highlights the EBRD’s and Switzerland’s willingness to make a difference in the country”. To date, the EBRD has provided financing for nine cities in the Kyrgyz Republic to support critical investments in water supply and wastewater networks. It is considering further expansion throughout the country to smaller cities. Switzerland has a longstanding partnership with the Kyrgyz government in the urban water and sewerage sector. Since 2009, Switzerland has been engaged in 4 cities (Bishkek, Osh, Jalalabad and Kant) on a co-financing basis with EBRD.



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