SW Umwelttechnik has won a major contract in Hungary worth € 8 million

Dec 05, 2011

OMS Umwelttechnik, the engineering company of the SW Umwelttechnik group, has been awarded with a sewer contract together with two Hungarian companies. The project encompasses the installation of a sewage line in the city of Makód within the administrative district Csongrad - the total project is worth € 24 m. OMS Umwelttechnik will be managing the syndicate and is in charge of a part of the project amounting to € 8 m. This new order shows that more projects are being handed out again in Hungary in the sector of wastewater disposal systems.

The city of Makód with its surrounding boroughs Apatfalva and Magyarcsanad in the administrative district Csongrad is planning on extending their current sewage system by another 120 km of their gravitation canal as well as by another 40 km of their pressure canal. A further 18 pumping stations should be constructed and over 11,000 households should be connected up to the wastewater treatment plant. The planned completion date for this project is September 2014.
The awarding of this project means that OMS Umwelttechnik has been able to secure two important commissions in a short space of time – just in September 2011 they were also contracted to install a wastewater disposal system in Tarnok, close to Budapest, a project worth € 6 m. The syndicate working on the Tarnok project will be constructing 22 km of a gravitation canal and 2 km of a pressure canal; 1,700 households will be connected up to the plant. This project should be completed by the beginning of 2014 – OMS Umwelttechnik will be constructing € 3 m worth of the project itself.
SW Umwelttechnik is expecting further commissioning in EU subsidised projects developing wastewater disposal systems in Hungary before the end of the year. From this we can deduce that our workload will continue to increase in the area of water conservation especially in 2012 and 2013.

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