Successful Completion of Sewer Line Stopping Project

Jul 26, 2013

When the City of Richmond Hill, Ga., a small coastal community just south of Savannah, needed more control over their sewer system, Rangeline Tapping Services provided a stop line solution. Company officials report that the project remains a success.

Rangeline Tapping Services, a longtime provider of wet tapping, hot tapping and valve insertion services throughout North America, today announced the successful completion of a sewer line stopping project for the City of Richmond Hill, Ga.

“Without this solution, the shutdown time to Richmond Hill residents would have been considerable,” says Rangeline company spokesperson Kenya Anderson. “We are proud to report that the line stops continue to work flawlessly and that our technicians provided a 100-percent shut down. The city [Richmond Hill] had no product interruption while their new fittings and piping were cut in.”

Rangeline’s tapping services are utilized to prevent unwanted shutdowns and keep critical piping and pipeline systems online, without interruption, during tie-ins, relocations, repairs, retrofits, and routine maintenance.

The city of Richmond Hill wanted to install a new 16-inch gate valve into the main water pipe to have more control over their system. However, the pipe is the city’s main sewer line and could not be shut down. So, the City looked to Rangeline to solve their problems. After careful assessment, Rangeline technicians identified a double 16-inch line stop on the PVC force main as the solution.

Line stopping is the process of isolating a piping system to provide a shut off where none exists. According to Anderson, line stopping technology reduces project costs by helping to maintain the pipe integrity. Field crews are then able to perform smaller hot taps than the standard size-on-size hot taps usually required.

As operator of one of the largest selections of specialty tapping and line-stopping equipment in the country, Rangeline delivers innovative solutions that keep facilities operating, minimizing downtime. Family owned and operated for more than 20 years, the Florida-based company will soon open two new service centers in North Carolina and Texas.

To learn more about the successful completion of the City of Richmond Hill, Ga., project or to inquire about wet/hot tapping or line stopping services, visit the Rangeline company website.

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