Spencer Street Sewer Upgrade Complete

Feb 12, 2019

The major $25M infrastructure project to build an additional sewer along Spencer Street is now complete. Finished ahead of schedule, safely and within budget, the upgraded sewer is now connected and working for the thousands of residents and commuters who live and work along Spencer Street.

The two year project has increased the capacity of the 122 year old sewer. The upgraded sewer now has 25 times the capacity of the existing one. The completion of the project happens at a time of unprecedented and rapid population growth along Spencer Street.

Ms Maree Lang is City West Water’s General Manager, Infrastructure & Delivery and has been responsible for leading the delivery of this major project.

‘Our thanks to everyone, on and off-site. Especially to the local community and businesses, visitors to the city and the countless commuters who showed great patience and tolerance while works have been underway. It was, without doubt, a massive team effort,’ says Ms Lang.

Construction of the additional sewer was a major project. The pipeline is 700 metres long and buried 11 metres underground. Crews worked weekends and overnight for just over a year with minimal disruption to commuters.

Greater sewerage capacity along Spencer Street means less reliance on older infrastructure and more confidence that we will be able to meet the growing needs of the area.

The completion of this project is an important milestone in realising City West Water’s ten year capital improvements plan for Melbourne to service the city’s rapid growth. Capacity is now set to meet future demands and population expansion for the next 35 years.

A plaque is being laid underground in the sewer to commemorate the successful completion of the project.



Project delivery partner, Quinn Civil: Water and Sewer infrastructure specialists.


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