Silent Night Lining

Aug 05, 2011

A GRUNDOBURST 400S was recently used as a pulling device to slipline a 21” cast iron water pipe for a new replacement 450mm SDR17 PE pipe. The relative compact size (L 600mm x W 490mm x D 340mm) and light weight of the 400S (200kg) is deceptively small in comparison to the 40 tonne pulling power developed and is ideal for confined space working as well as reducing logistical and jobsite set up costs.

To speed up pipe installation times, the longer than usual QuickLock ladder type push/pull rods were used on the night work operation. Due to the highly sensitive London inner city location, the GRUNDOBURST’s Super silenced hydraulic power pack kept noise to a minimum and was greatly appreciated by the local residents.
Pushing in the 176 metres of QuickLock rods commenced at 19.30 hours and was completed by 22.30 hours. The sliplined 450mm PE pipe was then connected to the QuickLock rods via a bespoke swivel connection which overcomes any torsional loads being transmitted from the rods to the pipe during installation.
Pull back through the 21” cast iron water main commenced just after midnight and the new PE pipe arrived unimpaired into the docking frame within four hours. The overall working time included butt fusing the second section of the PE pipe string which took one hour.
An excellent silent and efficient night time pipe installation.

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