Short in stature - new JT922 long on everything else

Jun 14, 2007

The Ditch Witch organization has introduced a powerful new horizontal directional drill that is more maneuverable, easier to operate, and easier to maintain than any other machine in its class.

The Ditch Witch® JT922 offers the highest power-to-size ratio in the 9,000-lb (40 kN) pullback category. A full foot shorter than its nearest competitor—and also boasting a higher carriage speed and greater pipe capacity—the new JT922 is easy to set up and operate in tight spaces such as backyards and alleys, and its size also makes it easy to transport. This unit combines the simplicity and easy operation of smaller drills with advanced features-like a heavy-duty anchor system, open-top vise wrenches, and an integrated remote display.

“Our customers had been requesting a directional drill that was easier to maneuver in tight spaces but still had plenty of power to do long bores,” says CMW’s Richard Levings, senior product manager of HDD equipment. “We delivered with the JT922. It holds up to 300 feet of pipe—that’s over 100 feet more than its nearest competitor—the carriage travels at 188 feet per minute, which is about 80 fpm faster than the competition. All in a more compact package.”

Levings says the JT922 also meets customer demand for greater comfort. “Our engineers went above and beyond with the JT922,” he says. “The operator’s station is midway down the drill frame and at a 90-degree angle to the rack, so it’s easier to handle the pipe. And the seat slides fore and aft, so you can get closer to the pipe rack. It just makes everything easier on the operator.”

Operators also will like the numerous features that make the JT922 easy to maintain. Its rack-and-pinion thrust drive, for example, has a double rack that is welded rather than bolted on, which prevents misalignment with the pinion. Plus, the double rack distributes the load equally, so there is less wear on the machine. The JT922 is designed without grease zerks, eliminating that daily routine, and all other routine maintenance points are on one side of the machine.

The JT922 is part of the Ditch Witch organization’s complete HDD system, which also includes tracking electronics to monitor and guide the progress of the bore. These are often sold separately, but the JT922 comes complete with an integrated Ditch Witch 752 Display unit that receives and records the data sent by its companion 752 Tracker.

Utility companies, utility contractors, and Fiber-to-the-Home contractors are among the many customers who will benefit from the compact and powerful new JT922.

The Ditch Witch organization specializes in the design and manufacture of high-quality underground construction equipment. The company is a one-stop source for trenchers, vibratory plows, pneumatic piercing tools, backhoes, electronic tracking and locating tools, horizontal directional drilling systems, drill pipe, downhole tools, vacuum excavation systems, mini excavators, excavator-tool carriers, and mini skid steers.

All of these products are recognized around the world for their advanced design, rugged construction, long-term durability, ease of use, and reliability. This product line represents the most complete range of equipment for installing utilities underground.

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