Sewer Flushing – Multiple Problems, One Solution

Apr 29, 2011


Empipe Solutions Ltd was set up with one primary motive – to provide customers with good and reliable sewer flushing solutions.

Sewage problems can be of many kinds, and if not treated well the problem is far from over and may become horrendous. It keeps on recurring. Empipe Solutions Ltd sees to it that all problems are well diagnosed and the best possible remedy applied. When it comes to maintenance of pipes a thorough job is done to ensure long lasting problem-free drainage.

Clogged sewers are not only a problem but also hazardous to the affected property as well as the community. Empipe takes care to use the right equipment at the right time to get rid of blockages. Old drainage pipes often suffer damages and call for a pipe repair. Using its CIPP trenchless pipe repair system the job is done without having to dig up the area to access the pipe. The end result of a cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) process is the creation of a lining of pipe within the old pipe. This pipe rehabilitation method makes the pipe function as a brand new one. With the pipe being given properties as good as a new one sewer flushing problems would not be a thing to be worried about over and over again.

In the area of maintenance, the organization uses its Maintenance (MH) Rehabilitation services for inflow protector bins, frame reconstruction, internal chimney seals, brickwork rehabilitation, ladder rung installation, joint and crack sealing, benching and Pumping Station rehabilitation.

Empipe is well equipped with hydro excavation equipment which very efficiently replaces the conventional backhoe and digging methods. Since it uses high-pressure water to break the soil, the method is safe and non-destructive.

The task of home drain inspection and repair is also undertaken by Empipe. This is a service not availed by many first time home buyers. The fact is that if the property is more than 20 years old there can be a possibility of drains getting clogged or roots growing into them. Getting the drains inspected before moving in leaves no room for regrets later.

A lot of the work done by Empipe is in areas that are not accessible to the human eye. It is not easy to determine the efficiency of the work done. Keeping this concern in mind, Empipe decided to make use of the CCTV sewer inspection method. Sewer lines are inspected as part of a maintenance program as well as post repair or rehabilitation processes. Using this method a complete picture is obtained and the result is a job well done.

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