Sandvik DP1500i drill rig shows its power in Russia

Jan 13, 2015

Sandvik Construction Russia and authorized distributor Quarry Service recently demonstrated the DP1500i drill rig at the Donskoy Kamen and Yugvzrivprom operated Fedorovskoye sandstone quarry in the Rostov region. Equipped to deal with the sandstone application the DP1500i’s bits lasted 2.5 times longer, with the rig using less than half the fuel, and drilling twice the distance.

A series of benchmark drilling demonstrations of the Sandvik DP1500i rig were recently performed at the Fedorovskoye quarry in the Rostov region. These were organized by Sandvik Construction Russia and distributor Quarry Service, in order to measure the drill rigs performance on highly abrasive sandstone. The quarry is owned and operated by a local company, Donskoy Kamen, while a subcontractor, Yugvzrivprom, performs the necessary blasting work.

Difficult material in high demand

Although Donskoy Kamen is already familiar with the excellent performance of the DP1500i through a highly successful demonstration on granite, the company has been experiencing problems with its existing fleet of drill rigs on the sandstone found at the quarry. Its abrasiveness places greater demands on the rock tools, and uses more rig power resulting in excessive use of fuel. Hence Sandvik Construction and Quarry Service were asked to undertake a series of drilling tests to further demonstrate the efficiency and productivity of the Sandvik equipment.

The material found at the Fedorovskoye quarry is the cause of problems experienced during drilling, but is a highly valuable commodity. The quarried rock is used as M1000 and M1200 aggregates, and is particularly sought after as it provides frost resistance up to temperatures of F300. Additionally as the sandstone aggregate is of such high quality, this allows construction companies to use sandstone instead of granite in many applications with the material becoming especially popular with road construction companies in Central and Southern Russia.

More than double the performance

When the drilling tests began the DP1500i was equipped with 102 mm bits, and after 20 hours of intensive operation drilled a total distance of 822m. This meant that the rig had doubled the performance which Donskoy Kamen had previously experienced. Next the drilling was performed with 127mm bits, with again the DP1500i displaying a remarkable penetration rate of 1-1.1 m/min. Finally, the engineers of Quarry Service installed 140mm drill bits and with this configuration the rig achieved a penetration rate of 0.7-0.8 m/min. The drilling specialists and quarry operators hence saw at first hand that the DP1500i is able to deliver exceptional performance levels using any of the Sandvik tools, whatever the diameter of hole drilled.

It was not just drilling performance which impressed but also the efficiency of the DP1500i configurations. With a standard drill rig that delivers less power than the DP1500i, the bits have to be replaced every 300-350m (or 25-30 holes). If high quality rock tools are used then the bits may last 30-40% longer. However, as the combination of Sandvik drill rig and rock tools showed, even more impressive levels can be experienced if the right rig is used in conjunction with a powerful top-hammer. In the case of the sandstone drilled at the Fedorovskoye quarry the 33 kW delivered by the Sandvik DP1500i was enough to extend the service life of bits by up to 2.5 longer.

Fuel efficiency and extended bit life

The demonstration of the DP1500i at the Fedorovskoye quarry was supervised by senior management from both Donskoy Kamen and Yugvzrivprom. The management teams noted that their current drill rigs were unable to match the DP1500i’spenetration rate due to the excessive friction of the bit, which limited drilling performance and resulted in higher fuel consumption and increased service costs. In effect the demonstration clearly showed that the DP1500i is able to drill twice the distance, use half the fuel with the drilling bits lasting 2.5 times longer.


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