Russian Water Supplier Wins an Award for Creative Use of Social Media

Jul 30, 2012

SUE Vodokanal of St Petersburg wins the EFQM Award for creative use of social media. With their platform they make water supplying, often considered for granted, a more appealing and important business to youngsters. Moreover, they create awareness for the environmental impact of extensive water consumption. In addition, Virgin Media and Comarca Bilbao, are awarded "highly commended" projects.

Out of 8 nominees, SUE Vodokanal of St Petersburg presented the most original practices and the best results, agreed the Jury. With online video classes, celebrity interviews, flash-games and together with Neva Crayfish, the main character of the portal, they empower the online community to get answers, exchange views and volunteer for environmental initiatives like the cleansing of beaches. To date, Neva Crayfish has 7000 Facebook friends, is visited by around 400 unique visitors a day, and the average water consumption decreased by almost 30 liters per person per day since 2010.
Comarca Bilbao, one of the other finalists, developed a web 2.0 platform, Ezagutza to share knowledge between doctors, nurses and other medical experts in the Basque region. Virgin Media on the other hand, outshines in "twitter land" through theme days, acts of random kindness and other unique practices.

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