RELINEEUROPE Delivers the 100th UV System to Jeschke Umwelttechnik

Jul 13, 2020

Ever since RELINEEUROPE AG was founded ten years ago, the company has not only been producing their brand Alphaliner, a glass fiber reinforced UV CIPP liner, but has also been developing and manufacturing UV curing systems as part of their core competencies.

RELINEEUROPE AG, the system provider for trenchless pipe rehabilitation based in Rohrbach, recently celebrated a special occasion in this specific field of business: In May, the 100th UV curing system was handed over to Jeschke Umwelttechnik.

Jeschke Umwelttechnik, a rehabilitation company from Stutensee near Karlsruhe, Germany, has been RELINEEUROPE’s client since day one and has installed more than 200,000 meters of type Alphaliner CIPP liners over the past 10 years. Now, the time had come to renew their UV curing system.

“We decided to choose the most powerful REE4000 Professional system, because it is currently the newest technology available on the market and because RELINEEUROPE is the market leader in this industry,” explained managing director Thomas Boos. Apart from its new functionalities for autonomous curing and its unique technology, which is tailormade to cure GRP-reinforced CIPP liners, the broad range of possible application settings convinced him.

“With this curing system, we can rehabilitate any pipe. Starting from diameters as small as DN 200, all the way up to profiles with a diameter of DN 1800,” continued Boos, who took over as managing director from company founder Steffen Jeschke in January of 2020. With the help of this investment Jeschke Umwelttechnik is not only renewing its curing system, it is also expanding its portfolio, focusing more strongly on installing CIPP liners for very large diameters.

“Unique Success Story” Due to Individual System Design Made to Customers’ Specifications

RELINEEUROPE adapts all UV systems to specifically match each customer’s needs and desires. Depending on the intended application purpose, they can choose between two different product lines. The UV curing systems type REE2000 are predominantly used to cure diameters ranging between DN 150 to DN 1200 and can be equipped with a cable length of up to 300 meters.

The REE4000 comes with functionalities for autonomous operation, covers the full range of diameters all the way up to DN 1800, and can be fitted with a cable length of up to 350 meters. This huge degree of flexibility, in combination with customized vehicle configurations, are the bedrock of RELINEEUROPE AG’s rapidly growing business in this sector.

“With now more than 20 UV systems being ordered every year, we clearly hold a leading position,” said Philipp Martin, who oversees RELINEEUROPE’s sales activities in Europe.

On behalf of the entire team, Martin thanked the company Jeschke for their many years of loyalty. According to Martin, delivering the 100th UV system in 10 years is a „unique success story” which the entire RELINE team could be proud of. The REE4000 Professional UV curing system is “efficient in all areas of application and more cost-effective than any other system available on the market,” stated Martin.

Not only had the curing performance of the UV systems increased rapidly over the course of the past decade, to now 24,000 watts, functionalities such as the stepless adjustment of the bulbs‘ power output, automatic intensity monitoring of the UV lamps, the import of curing parameters using a QR code scanner, or the automatic stop function are all features which are unparalleled in the industry and which have set new benchmarks for safe and thorough curing of reinforced CIPP liners.

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