RELINEEUROPE celebrates jubilee

Oct 11, 2017

Jeschke Umwelttechnik GmbH installs 50,000th Alphaliner

Delivery for the construction site Eisenberg to Frank-von-Müller Street in CW 26/2017 as it says succinctly in the papers and box 22…. But the papers do not know that the delivery in CW 27/2017 in box 22 is a record liner.

Since the founding of the company in 2009 and beginning of the serial production, the Palatine company delivered the 50,000th liner end of July. The company Jeschke Umwelttechnik (translated: environmental technology) from Stutensee near Karlsruhe took the delivery of an Alphaliner500G with a diameter of DN300-3,7mm wall thickness as well as an integrated sliding foil.

Jeschke Umwelttechnik GmbH was founded in 2003 by Steffen Jeschke and was one of the first companies at the end of 2009, which were involved essentially in the triumph of the light-curing Alphaliner. The good and close business relation between RELINEEUROPE and Jeschke Umwelttechnik exists since the beginning of RELINEEUROPE, which is also proved through the customer number “2” for Jeschke Umwelttechnik at RELINEEUROPE.

The company, which started with 3 employees, engages meanwhile over 30 employees and holds a completely equipped fleet of vehicles. Through the new built company building in 2012 at a 7,500 sq. m huge plot, the company is optimally prepared for an increase in the future. Jeschke is specialized in the complete rehabilitation of sewage canals. With nearly 400.000 m successful installed GRP-Liners the company belongs to the most experienced specialized companies for the hose liner-rehabilitation in Germany.

Especially inner-city construction sites constitute a high liability, for the traffic and all local residents. It is essential that the rehabilitation of the canals will be conducted in the highest quality and in a minimum of time. An ideal solution for the rehabilitation of the damaged canals are the Alphaliners of RELINEEUROPE. The market of the rehabilitation of canals appreciates the courage and innovation skills which RELINEEUROPE showed through the development of those innovative light-curing hose liners. RELINEEUROPE is part of the RELIVE UV-Group, next to further RELINE-companies in Asia and North America, which is leaded from Rohrbach.

Successful Concept

As the only company in the market, RELINEEUROPE offers with the Alphaliner-Technology a complete rehabilitation system with GRP-hose liners and UV-curing technology, with components which are geared to each other. RELINEEUROPE produces the variants Alphaliner300, Alphaliner500 and Alphaliner1800 and delivers them these days to approx. 120 rehabilitation companies worldwide. The Alphaliner is offered in different modifications with different types of resin (Polyester- and vinylester resin as well as resins free of styrene) and a variable outside-protection, always geared exactly to the customer respectively the requirements of the single project.

Quality Management

With an unique TQM-System RELINEEUROPE AG ensures the quality. “In every step of the process we can record the origin and quality of the Alphaliner“. Each component will be proved after the receipt of goods and recorded permanently. This neither ends at the delivery. RELINEEUROPE AG collaborates closely with the customer. The results of the construction site are involved in the TQM-System. „We want to know, that everything is fine“, says Christian Noll from RELINEEUROPE. We are only satisfied after the canal is rehabilitated and fulfills his duty for further 50 years.

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